Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok so every morning I am in pretty much the same routine. I wake up, go potty, and the step on the scale. Everyday so far has been a good day. TILL today I gained 0.4 pds. OMG I was 218.4 yesterday and now I am 218.8. How is this even possible. I can see staying the same but NOOOO I gained. I am assuming it is because I got my lady friend here to visit me this week. I was losing at a rate of like 2.5lbs a day then it went to 1 lb. and now I gain. Sorry I am a bit upset. Who gains weight almost 2 weeks after they have gastric bypass. ME I guess. Well on another note I am supposed to start my "soft foods" diet tomorrow but once again I have pushed the limits and had a little shepards pie yesterday. I skipped the corn though. I am not sure If I mentioned that in my last blog post if I did I am sorry. Today I tried tuna fish. It was ok but I tried to eat quick so I could get my daughter from school and I dont think that was a good idea. I started to get really hot???? A little strange but I layed down and took at nap. I feel better now.I am making a Willows chicken pot pie for dinner. Ohh I hope its good...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I had a Nutrition appt today..

Today I had my first post op nutrition appt.Well surprise surprise I am not getting in enough protein.. Well DUHH.. I havent been having my shakes. The first time I tried I got so gassy I could only get in a few sips. But she told me I could add strawberries today. So the second I got home I had me a protein shake. So today I got in about 30g I am still 30g short but I am working at it.. She also told me on Thursday I can start my soft food diet. YiPpEe.. Although I am a jerk and decided to move myself up today. I had Shepard's Pie for dinner. I only ate the potatoes and ground beef. No corn. Oh I also added beef gravy. it was pretty good. So far so good. But usually it takes a little while before it hurts. Ill be able to tell if I am in pain tonight. So far I have only dry heaved once and it was over quick. Thank god because it was the day after I got home from surgery and it hurt like a mother trucker.

I also had my first post op surgeon appt yesterday. Everything went ok. He gave me a little more pain med to help me get comfy to be able to sleep and also for these back pains I keep getting. I think it might be gas but I'm not to sure. Everyday seems to be a better day but then I have a bad day and I cry and wish I would have never done this. I have felt that way a couple times since surgery. When I sit and think I never even really truly thought this whole thing through. But I wont get into that now. Thats a whole other blog entry. I'll get into that one of these days..

I am so excited I have 1 FOLLOWER.. YiPpPee. Thank you .. I will try to keep my boring life fun and entertaining for you.. lol

Monday, March 28, 2011

First Post Op Surgeon Appt. TODAY!!!

I have my first postop. appt today at 2:30. I am really hoping he will advance me to the next stage of my diet. I am on "soft liquids" and I am pretty tired of it.. Lol. I am struggling with GAS. It hurts really bad and it is a daily thing. I am gonna try to get some Gas-X and see if that will give me some relief. I am really looking forward to having tuna fish, and chicken salad, and egg salad. I have my good days and then I have really bad days. I guess it will be like that for awhile. I have lost 22 pounds so far. So that is really cool. I am kinda noticing it but my clothes are not fitting any looser ok maybe just a little. Lol 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Had my Surgery

Hey, even though I don't seem to have any followers yet. I am going to try to keep updating this for something to reflect on. Ok well on March 17 @ 7:00 am I arrived at Tobey Hospital to under go my Gastric Bypass Surgery. I had been completely calm for the entire process and just wanted it DONE. Until the night before surgery. I laid in bed with my daughter and fiance and for some reason I started to tear up. I was afraid for my little girl. What if something had happened to me? I mean I was fat but I wasn't willing to risk my life to be thin. I finally was able to fall asleep. The next morning the alarm went off and I got right up. Checked my bag, made sure my daughter had everything she needed for school and off we went. On the ride I started to cry. I got so nervous but I knew I was doing the best thing. See, I am the type of person who believes everything happens for a reason. So I kept reminding myself that and I calmed down and made it through.

When I arrived I waited for like 10 min and then a nurse came and got me and off I went. She had me take a urine test to  check for pregnancy. Then I put on my neat little dress that I was gonna be stuck in for the next few days. They ran my IV and off we went into the OR. I don't remember that much but being rolled into the room it was smaller than I imagined. They had me scooch over onto this little tiny OR table/bed. I remember them restraining my arms to the side and then I got the mask and that was about it. I woke up and I was immediately in discomfort. I felt like I got hit and dragged by 10 Mack trucks. Lol. It was bad. I remember a male nurse telling me he was hooking up my PCA pump and swabbing my lips. I pressed that button the second I could. I kept trying to wake up but it was hard. About a few hours later I was being brought to my room. Were I immediately wanted to walk. I knew that the only way I was gonna get that gas out was by walking so the nurses were a bit surprised but up I got and made my rounds. The first night I didnt sleep well at all my stupid machines kept beeping. If it wasnt the IV machine it was the heart monitor. I felt so bad for my poor roommate. Ofcourse every time it beeped she woke up to. But we made it through.

Thats I all I have to talk about for now but i'll be back to write more later.. Xoxo

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I got my APPROVAL!!

Hey I know it has been a few months. I have had a bumpy road but not too bad. I hunted down my gastric bypass approval today. Yippee.. Now the last thing I need is my DATE.. Hopefully Michelle will call me today and give me a date this month but that is wishful thinking.. Lol