Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I had a Nutrition appt today..

Today I had my first post op nutrition appt.Well surprise surprise I am not getting in enough protein.. Well DUHH.. I havent been having my shakes. The first time I tried I got so gassy I could only get in a few sips. But she told me I could add strawberries today. So the second I got home I had me a protein shake. So today I got in about 30g I am still 30g short but I am working at it.. She also told me on Thursday I can start my soft food diet. YiPpEe.. Although I am a jerk and decided to move myself up today. I had Shepard's Pie for dinner. I only ate the potatoes and ground beef. No corn. Oh I also added beef gravy. it was pretty good. So far so good. But usually it takes a little while before it hurts. Ill be able to tell if I am in pain tonight. So far I have only dry heaved once and it was over quick. Thank god because it was the day after I got home from surgery and it hurt like a mother trucker.

I also had my first post op surgeon appt yesterday. Everything went ok. He gave me a little more pain med to help me get comfy to be able to sleep and also for these back pains I keep getting. I think it might be gas but I'm not to sure. Everyday seems to be a better day but then I have a bad day and I cry and wish I would have never done this. I have felt that way a couple times since surgery. When I sit and think I never even really truly thought this whole thing through. But I wont get into that now. Thats a whole other blog entry. I'll get into that one of these days..

I am so excited I have 1 FOLLOWER.. YiPpPee. Thank you .. I will try to keep my boring life fun and entertaining for you.. lol

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  1. How long has it been since your surgery? I'm concerned about gettting in enough protein and fluid immediately post-op. Have you tried Gas-X? Not sure if it works, but I saw it in some of the literature from my weight loss clinic. Good luck. I'm right behind you and hoping to get my date later today. :-D