Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hey its been a little while...

Hello I havent been here in a while and i guess thats ok cause I have no followers so I basically do this for myself I guess. Nobody wants to follow me :( lol Well I have some exciting news I went to the doctor yesterday and I am FAT enough to get weight loss surgery. I knew I had gained weight when I busted 2 zippers on my favorite jeans and NOTHING fit but it somehow didnt fully register until I saw the # on the scale I weigh 232 pds. which is the heaviest I have ever been when I was 9 months preggers I weighed 222 pds. So I'm feeling pretty upset and happy at the same time. I had considered surgery but thought I would never be able to afford it. But apparently my insurance covers all but $500.00. But now I wonder once I lose the weight will they cover plastic surgery for all my saggy skin. But that is all little things. I have so many questions to ask. I am attending a weight loss surgery seminar tonight. But I wonder will I have to be put on a list and will this be a long drawn out process. I wonder what will I be able to make for dinner and is it all yucky foods that I can eat.

I guess we will just have to wait and find out. I cant wait to fit into my old clothes and look at my self in the mirror and except myself again it will be awesome. I will blog my journey and it happens. I also found a cool site called yesterday and it is a bunch of ppl who have already been through surgery or are starting like me. So I am gonna drive them crazy with questions...

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