Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok so every morning I am in pretty much the same routine. I wake up, go potty, and the step on the scale. Everyday so far has been a good day. TILL today I gained 0.4 pds. OMG I was 218.4 yesterday and now I am 218.8. How is this even possible. I can see staying the same but NOOOO I gained. I am assuming it is because I got my lady friend here to visit me this week. I was losing at a rate of like 2.5lbs a day then it went to 1 lb. and now I gain. Sorry I am a bit upset. Who gains weight almost 2 weeks after they have gastric bypass. ME I guess. Well on another note I am supposed to start my "soft foods" diet tomorrow but once again I have pushed the limits and had a little shepards pie yesterday. I skipped the corn though. I am not sure If I mentioned that in my last blog post if I did I am sorry. Today I tried tuna fish. It was ok but I tried to eat quick so I could get my daughter from school and I dont think that was a good idea. I started to get really hot???? A little strange but I layed down and took at nap. I feel better now.I am making a Willows chicken pot pie for dinner. Ohh I hope its good...

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  1. 218.4 to 218.8? don't sweat it. seriously - it could be a bladder full of pee - honest. it happens - a LOT and its normal.

    where did you have your surgery?