Monday, April 11, 2011

Bad choices.. =(

So I made it to my 3 week stall.. Yippeee. Lol But today I finally lost a pound so I am at 213.6 I believe. I was stuck at 214 for a few days. But I expected it. Plus I will admit I have not been a very good girl. I so far have found nothing really makes me sick. I know I know not a smart door to open but what can I say. I know I have put myself through so much to just fall back But I won't or I hope I won't. I guess I am just that type of thick headed person that when you tell me not to touch the stove it is HOT.. I still have to see for myself. I guess I like the hard way through life. I dunno. I had been craving pizza since the day I woke up in the hospital. Well I had a slice of thin cheese pizza the other day and I had no problems with it other than the fact that I felt guilty. I know I should be taking full advantage of this "honeymoon" period. But Its hard. A lot harder than I ever imagined. I am still not able to get in all my requirements. It is a working progress. I am sorry this is a boring post but I am not up to to much lately. I am hoping to find a job soon. My clothes aren't really falling off yet but I do notice a little difference. I guess I expected to be a size 3 in a month (well not really but sorta lol) I have not tried on smaller clothes yet becasue I don not wanna get discouraged. Sometimes I feel like maybe I will be the only person this surgery won't work for. Or it will but my foolishness will just gain it back. I am trying to instill the good habits but Uggh its not easy... =)


  1. It will work for you and one slice of pizza won't kill you. Definitely take advantage of your honeymoon though and you will be so happy with what you get. You are doing just fine, keep it up! :)

  2. Hi :) I got my background from cutest blog on the block