Wednesday, September 22, 2010

20 Something Bloggers..

Oh I am so excited I was determined to find a way to find different bloggs to read and follow. Since the whole google idea was taking forever going blog to blog but that has all changed I have found the best place on earth Atleast it seems that way so far. I have to see if they will aprove me first. I still am having a hard time getting anyone to find me.. Am I that boring.. I know I dont have much to look at yet I'm still getting started. Im at the point where I'm not sure what to write I look at some blogs and they are all proper and dont talk in detail about there lives just there wonderful apple pie cooking lives and then there are other blogs of more detailed realationship hunting and saturday nights. So I'm just trying to fit in. :) I wish I had someone to tell me if I am doing this right. I guess for now I will just use this like my diary and try to clear all the static in my head. Lol

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