Thursday, September 23, 2010

How dare she..

Ok so over the weekend I decided to braid my daughters whole head. Ok no biggie whats a few braids ... it took me ALL day on sunday literally I started at 12 took a break to make supper and finished the last braid at 8:30pm thats crazy guess Im a slow braider. but this is what they looked like..

Not to bad some were a little loose since it has been forever since I braided hair like that. But for the most part she sat still and let me do my thing. So we wake up Monday morning I am all excited to see what it looks like not to many fly aways but she refused to wear the braids out. So I took them all out and she freaked "I dont want my hair like this take it out"

Excuse me... I wasted my whole Sunday to do her hair the way she wanted it and now she doesnt like it here is what we had to work with.

I thought it looked cute. Well to make a long story short she wore it in a pony there was no way I was gonna wash it out. So she was mad and I was a horrible mother.. Oh well this is just one of the many stories of these wonderful mood changes she goes through..

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