Sunday, September 27, 2015

Botella Essential oil diffuser

I absolutely in love with this essential oil diffuser. This is my product review..

I am in love with this Botella Essential oil diffuser. When I ordered I had my expectations pretty high, however I am beyond pleased with this purchase. I didn't realize the frosted top part was made of glass. It is heavier which is good I don't feel nervous that it will fall over or fall apart. It seems to be made of very good quality materials. I love how it flows through a prism of colors. It can be used for a calming night light with no mist or with mist. There are 2 mist settings 1 will come on every 30 seconds and the other will just continuously run. A full tank of about 100ml will last about 6 hours on eco mode and 3 hours on continuous mode. I used about 5 drops of oil and was very content with the results. I would definitely recommend this diffuser as one of the better units I have tried. I am really happy I was able to receive this item for a discount in exchange for my honest unbiased review. Everything expressed here is solely my opinion and personal experience.

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